Eco-Friendly Signs

We firmly believe in, and are committed to monitoring and improving environmental performance, pollution prevention and environmental protection during the manufacture of our safety signage. We implement a systematic waste minimisation programme to achieve objectives and targets to reduce waste, avoiding the use of terminal waste treatment and dealing with it as far as possible at source.

We pursue continuous improvement in environmental performance, where reasonably practicable, by setting objectives and targets, especially in addressing the areas of resource use, by reducing energy and water consumption, increasing reuse and recycling and improving solid and liquid waste management methods. To help our customers identify which of our signage materials can be recycled, we have included the recycling logo on pages where signs can be recycled and have dedicated a section to some of our more popular signs in eco-friendly materials. In addition, to help encourage an environmentally friendly approach to signage we now include the appropriate recycling logo on the sign to help identify when a sign can be recycled and to help recycling centres correctly identify and process the materials efficiently without the need to send them into landfill.

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